Friday, August 31, 2007


Every parent at one time or another hears the words, “I’m bored. What can I do?” Then you begin to play the “Yes, but…” game.
“You could ride your bike.”
“Yes, but it’s hot outside.”
“You could go to the library to get new books.”
“Yes, but I can't find my library card”
“You could paint a picture.”
“Yes, but I don’t feel like getting out all of my supplies.”
“You could clean your room.”
HA! This is where the “Yes but…” game usually ends.

I think I’m in a “Yes, but…” mode. I have so many interests to fill my time, but I find myself unable to zero in on anything. Maybe I have too many interests. It’s time to simplify.

My craft closet is filled with tools, supplies, equipment, how-two books, you name it. These are my treasures. Half of the closet space is taken up with items that I use…what?...maybe once a year? But I can’t seem to let go of them. I might need them soon. Let’s see….when was the last time I made handmade paper? Last year? Two years ago? But what if I decide I need some for a special project? I can’t get rid of my screen and the scrap paper I use for the paper pulp. Or can I?


How about scrapbooking supplies? I have gazillion sheets of decorative papers, rubber stamps, fancy-cut scissors, but have I done a scrapbook yet? No. But wait…don’t throw them out. I can use them for homemade greeting cards…of which I might make about two or three a year. Is that worth taking up half of the closet?


Where are my interests? Maybe by looking at my reference library I’ll get a clue. The majority of books are on painting and writing. But even the art books are diverse. Will it be watercolor, oil, acrylic, pastel, or drawing with colored pencils?


Get rid of some of my treasures.
It’s going to take courage, but to accomplish something, I must zero in.

Wish me luck.


I-am-me said...

Suzanne, a nice post. could not help smiling. Do post on how you went about "simplifying" - if you can zero -in on a method in the madness. I have a room full of "clutter" that I am attached to. Ur post would help. :-) :-)

Suzanne said...

Hello i-am-me,
Okay...but I'm no pro at this, that's for sure. I'll see you over at your website. I really must comment on one of your poems.

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