Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Words Adrift

A chilly breeze met me as I rounded the stern of the ship during my daily walking exercise. It was a routine that I had established to buffer the guilt of knowing how much I would be eating during the coming day. Cruises are like that.

From the corner of my eye, once again I saw the same gentleman jog by whom I had just seen at the other end of the ship. He was in a mode like me, but he put much more effort into the exercise routine. This time though, something new caught my attention. Maybe there was more to his efforts than just the need to exercise.

Did I hear correctly?
Yes I did. He had said the words "I love you, Helen."
Immediately my imagination took hold.
Who was Helen?
Was he newly married? I doubt it. She'd be by his side if that were the case.
Maybe she was his lover who couldn't commit to him yet, or possibly divorce was in his future.
I dismissed the idea that he was recently widowed, preferring instead to believe she was still available for him.
In any case, I'm assuming Helen was really special to him...special enough for him to audibly speak the words within earshot of me.

My imagination didn't end there. In my story, Helen will someday sail the same ship, and as she reaches that very spot, her ear will catch the faint words that have been drifting on the breeze since they were spoken. Maybe he will be there with her, but if not, will her heart be touched as she hears those same words? I hope so.
How many other spoken words are drifting out there, just waiting for a listening ear?

Friday, November 28, 2008


So often, as a mom of young children, I would try to write down the funny things the kids would say so we could remember and laugh about them when they were grown. Unfortuantely, many of the comments would go un-recorded because I didn’t have pen and paper in hand. Try as I might, I could never remember them later.

Now all of the kids are grown, and some have little ones of their own. We still enjoy the funny remarks from the little ones, but the grown ones, too, continue to keep us laughing. I’ll let you listen in on a conversation that took place after Thanksgiving dinner while my two 30-something daughters were discussing the Black Friday sales advertised in the paper. I became aware of the conversation after Emily mentioned that there was a sale on "Dora" sheets for children's beds. They were laughing hysterically because Dana stated she would like to have some Sawyer sheets. (LOST is a favorite TV show of hers.)

Dana: “Mom, who would you want on your sheets?”
Emily: “Maybe Alf?”
More laughter.
“I want two different ones. Considering my age, I would pick Robert Redford and Sean Connery. One on the bottom, one on top.”
Dana: "You mean you want to be sandwiched between them?"
More giggles erupted as we discussed who would be under me and who would be on top.
Finally my son-in-law Steve casually threw a question our way without even taking his eyes off an ad for a large screen HDTV.
“Don’t you think they would find it a bit awkward when you weren’t there?”

That's when we all lost it!

I just had to write this down before I forgot it.
Oh…I’m so thankful for our wonderful family!

Pictured above: Dana, Emily, Steve

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bless the Little Beasts

Ooooh! Fresh clean air... cool... camping midst the scent of pine. To a desert rat like me this is close to heaven.

We swapped the heat of Phoenix last week for a refreshing stay in the mountains of Northern Arizona. Lazy is the best way to describe our days among the tall trees. Even the wildlife must have been relaxing hidden in their woodsy home. We didn't see much except a cute little grey squirrel that ventured into our campsite one morning.

It was the morning I discovered our peaches had been stolen from the table. I thought they would be safe wrapped in a plastic bag and placed in a tupperware-like container. But NO! I found one half eaten still inside the bag and another about ten feet away with enough eaten away for the ants to descend on it and have a feast. But....there had been three. Where was the other?

Later, the squirrel reappeared zig-zagging across our campsite and finally scampering up a nearby tree. It's so seldom that we see a cute little creature like it, that we had to laugh at its antics as it disappeared on the far side of the tree high above our heads. We waited for it to appear again, and finally, after some time, it didn't disappoint us. But WHAAAT!!! That little stinker perched itself on a limb and casually began to knibble on OUR OTHER PEACH! I imagine he had stored it in the tree just so he could bring it out for this moment. It was almost as if he wanted us to know he was the thief. I think he also enjoyed our laughter as we realized he got away with it.

God has created such a beautiful world. Hope you all get a chance to appreciate it this summer.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ABC's of a Successful Life

Accept differences
Be kind
Count your blessings
Drink in nature
Express thanks
Give freely
Harm no one
Imagine more
Jettison anger
Keep confidences
Love unconditionally
Master something
Nurture hope
Open your mind
Pack lightly
Quell rumors
Seek wisdom
Touch hearts
Value truth
Win graciously
Yearn for peace
Zealously support a worthy cause

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Stress of It All

It was a tragic day. Emily lost one of her good friends. It was to be expected, as it had been a long time in coming. Emily's bosom buddy, Bra, collapsed to its ultimate demise on Monday, March 31, 2008. With all of the weight...the stress it was constantly having to was only a matter of time. It happened so quietly, so peacefully as the girls sagged lower and lower. When they finally reached Emily's belly button, we knew it was gone. In a peaceful ceremony, Bra was laid to rest on Friday, April 4 in Emily's top dresser drawer.

The girls (Boo and Bea) and Emily have been tirelessly searching for a new home for them for a couple of days. Finally they thought they had found a permanent address. The place had all the top notch amenities: pretty colors, lots of living space, a sturdy frame and even a great security system. It looked so promising. But, alas, it was not meant to be. The girls had found their way out by the end of that first day. Again, they are homeless and looking for the perfect fit.

I'll let you know if they find it.

Contributed to this website by my daughter, Emily.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Nature Sings

I walked the mountain in my neighborhood this past weekend. The wildflowers are at their peak.

Complementary colors are Blue/Orange, Yellow/Purple, Red/Green. When complementary colors are placed side-by-side, they create an excitement. They sing!


Next time you are out in nature, notice that most of the wildflowers are either yellow, purple, orange, or blue. Oh...and today I saw a rock with lime green and rust (dark red orange) lichen on it. God paints in compliments. His nature sings! Listen to it through your eyes.

"Arise my love, my fair one, and come away;
for lo, the winter is past,
the rain is over and gone.
The flowers appear on the earth,
the time of singing has come."

Song of Solomon 2:10-12

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

After re-reading my last post, and considering how long it's been since I posted, you probably thought I fell off the tip of that branch... KLUNK.... never to be heard from again.

Well........I'm back!

Thanks for the input in the comments from “The Journey” post. You are beginning to make me think, which doesn’t come easy for me at times.

My thoughts regarding decision vs. destiny…
I have to approach it from my Christian point-of-view…Just cuz that’s who I am.

Obviously decisions do affect a life, and that life can take many different avenues. As a human being, my knowledge of God is miniscule, but I know God has given us a free will and does not manipulate us as puppets on a string. Psalm 139 says he knows everything about me, even my very thoughts. He might have a specific direction for me to take, but he still leaves the choice up to me. Of course it helps if I ask him. Duh! All to often I take off on my own.

He knows which direction I will take even before I do. Some of these decisions might be wise and take me down the road to peace and contentment, but others can be foolish and might eventually lead me into an uncomfortable situation. Still, wherever I find myself, He will be there. And I know that wherever I am at any moment, God will have a plan to use me and guide me ... if I’m willing.

All in all, I’d say that my belief is that decision wins out over destiny. But whatever the decision, God is there to laugh with me, cry with me, rejoice with me, and hold me in the shelter of his arms.

So, I send many thanks for the input to my friends.

I really must go now and rest my brain.