Friday, November 28, 2008


So often, as a mom of young children, I would try to write down the funny things the kids would say so we could remember and laugh about them when they were grown. Unfortuantely, many of the comments would go un-recorded because I didn’t have pen and paper in hand. Try as I might, I could never remember them later.

Now all of the kids are grown, and some have little ones of their own. We still enjoy the funny remarks from the little ones, but the grown ones, too, continue to keep us laughing. I’ll let you listen in on a conversation that took place after Thanksgiving dinner while my two 30-something daughters were discussing the Black Friday sales advertised in the paper. I became aware of the conversation after Emily mentioned that there was a sale on "Dora" sheets for children's beds. They were laughing hysterically because Dana stated she would like to have some Sawyer sheets. (LOST is a favorite TV show of hers.)

Dana: “Mom, who would you want on your sheets?”
Emily: “Maybe Alf?”
More laughter.
“I want two different ones. Considering my age, I would pick Robert Redford and Sean Connery. One on the bottom, one on top.”
Dana: "You mean you want to be sandwiched between them?"
More giggles erupted as we discussed who would be under me and who would be on top.
Finally my son-in-law Steve casually threw a question our way without even taking his eyes off an ad for a large screen HDTV.
“Don’t you think they would find it a bit awkward when you weren’t there?”

That's when we all lost it!

I just had to write this down before I forgot it.
Oh…I’m so thankful for our wonderful family!

Pictured above: Dana, Emily, Steve


Tracy said...

Okay... now THAT'S my family... :)

Suzanne said...

Had you been here...our laughter would have been even more out of control!

Matthew said...

That's hilarious!!

Sharon said...

Now THAT was hilarious!My husband and I laughed till tars rolled out of my eyes on this one Suzanne!Your son in law Steven sounds as funny as my husband Steven!That sounds just like something my family(not my husband's)would come up with.Thank you for the good medicine here.Blessings abundant~Sharon