Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bless the Little Beasts

Ooooh! Fresh clean air... cool... camping midst the scent of pine. To a desert rat like me this is close to heaven.

We swapped the heat of Phoenix last week for a refreshing stay in the mountains of Northern Arizona. Lazy is the best way to describe our days among the tall trees. Even the wildlife must have been relaxing hidden in their woodsy home. We didn't see much except a cute little grey squirrel that ventured into our campsite one morning.

It was the morning I discovered our peaches had been stolen from the table. I thought they would be safe wrapped in a plastic bag and placed in a tupperware-like container. But NO! I found one half eaten still inside the bag and another about ten feet away with enough eaten away for the ants to descend on it and have a feast. But....there had been three. Where was the other?

Later, the squirrel reappeared zig-zagging across our campsite and finally scampering up a nearby tree. It's so seldom that we see a cute little creature like it, that we had to laugh at its antics as it disappeared on the far side of the tree high above our heads. We waited for it to appear again, and finally, after some time, it didn't disappoint us. But WHAAAT!!! That little stinker perched itself on a limb and casually began to knibble on OUR OTHER PEACH! I imagine he had stored it in the tree just so he could bring it out for this moment. It was almost as if he wanted us to know he was the thief. I think he also enjoyed our laughter as we realized he got away with it.

God has created such a beautiful world. Hope you all get a chance to appreciate it this summer.


Sharon said...

I miss seeing your posts...Blessings~Sharon

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Tracy said...

Okay you enjoy a chuckle... as I'm scanning down your posts I get to this one. After re-reading the post about Dana, Steve and Emily and the Robert Redford sheets, I was in a silly mood. I misread the title of this post to say... Bless the Little Breasts.